About Us

The Enchanted Circle Community Organizations Active in Disaster (EC COAD) is a group of various private sector and non-governmental agencies, businesses, educational institutions, non-profits, faith-based groups, media outlets, and community leaders to foster effective preparedness, response and recovery of the people of the Enchanted Circle as needed, especially in times of disaster. 

The EC COAD was established in early March, 2020. The initial partners saw the need for collaborative response efforts and a platform to explore coordinated efforts related to the emerging needs of the community.

Each partner organization represents an industry sector and serves as the community liaison between that industry sector and the EC COAD. Partner organizations maintain their own identity and independence, yet work closely with other agencies to improve service and eliminate unnecessary duplication of effort. Partners work within sector-specific or capability-specific roles to minimize duplication of effort and maximize resource and communication efficiency.   

The EC COAD operates in a shared leadership model, where all partner organizations are equal.  

The four guiding principles for the EC COAD include: 

  • Cooperation
  • Coordination 
  • Communication 
  • Collaboration