What is the EC COAD? 

The Enchanted Circle Community Organizations Active in Disaster (EC COAD) is a group of various private sector and non-governmental agencies, businesses, educational institutions, non-profits, faith-based groups, media outlets, and community leaders to foster effective preparedness, response and recovery of the people of the Enchanted Circle as needed, especially in times of disaster.  

Each partner organization represents an industry sector and serves as the community liaison between that industry sector and the EC COAD.  Partner organizations maintain their own identity and independence, yet work closely with other agencies to improve service and eliminate unnecessary duplication of effort.  Partners work within sector-specific or capability-specific roles to minimize duplication of effort and maximize resource and communication efficiency.   

The EC COAD operates in a shared leadership model, where all partner organizations are equal.  

The four guiding principles for the EC COAD include: 

  • Cooperation
  • Coordination 
  • Communication 
  • Collaboration

What does EC COAD do?  

The EC COAD identifies immediate and/or systemic unmet needs in the community.  Through Cooperation, Coordination, Communication, and Collaboration, the EC COAD works to identify solutions.  Some examples include: 

  • Submitted letter to Attorney General advocating for equitable Gas Prices 
  • Developed and launched an online volunteer hub TaosConnects 
  • Facilitated an MOU with St. James and Taos County to establish food delivery to seniors 
  • Launched EC Mutual Aid Hub, a website with resources available to the public, which has since been updated to eccoad.org
  • Convened Grantwriter’s Group – an action team for community planning 
  • Hosted community webinars for business support with TEN and Restaurant COVID-Safe Practices
  • Facilitated an agreement for supplemental shelter at local hotel for health care workers and community partners awaiting test results
  • Submitted Letter of Support to the Town of Taos to pass the amendments to the public health order to making face coverings and distancing required and enforced.  
  • Compiled and disseminated information regarding changing public health orders on the local, state, and national level, COVID Safe Practices, and educational/training opportunities 
  • Facilitated sector conversations to coordinate with Taos County on the submission of a federal EDA grant titled “Taos’ Diversification Through a Strategic COVID Response”
  • Supported the NM Safe Promise and NM Safe Certified campaigns 

How can I get more engaged and support the work of EC COAD?

EC COAD has several committees. Partners of the community are welcome to participate as active partners of any of the committees.  Email info@ecoad.org for information on committee objectives and meeting times.  

  • Communications – Anita Bringas
  • Diversifying the Economy – Erin Sanborn
  • Food and Agriculture – Chyna Dixon
  • Social Services – Rasa Lila O’Donnell 

Can I attend EC COAD meetings?

The EC COAD meetings are working meetings for the partners.  We typically have a tight agenda and a limited timeframe where sector representatives provide industry and governmental updates and bring forth concern and challenges from the community to be discussed.  That said, individuals in community are welcome to sit in and observe the meetings.  If you have a specific concern that you would like the EC COAD to consider, please contact info@eccoad.org and your request will be sent to the appropriate sector representative and/or committee to discuss your concerns. 

If I’m with an organization that has a concern that EC COAD might help with, who do I contact?  

If you have a specific concern that you would like the EC COAD to address, please contact info@ecoad.org, and the appropriate sector representative and/or committee will follow up with you to discuss your concerns. 

Can I present to EC COAD? 

Upon communication with a sector representative, you may be asked to present to one or more of the committees, who may recommend and request a presentation to the full EC COAD. 

What happens to the EC COAD after the pandemic is over?

While the EC COAD was formed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is the intent to continue to operate as a COAD and work into the future to support the community. 

How can I stay informed on EC COAD’s efforts?  

Like/Follow us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/EnchantedCircleCOAD