What to do if you are facing eviction

What to do if you are facing eviction:

Before the hearing…

Tell your landlord if you are unable to pay rent and ask the landlord to work with you before filing for eviction. This may give you more flexibility and time.

If sued for eviction, you must show up at the hearing and be on time.

Be prepared to explain to the judge why you are unable to pay your rent. If possible, have documents that support what you tell the judge.

During the hearing…

Ask the Court to consider giving you time to catch up with your rent, once the state of emergency is over.

Make sure you understand what you must do and when – ask questions if you have any. Keep your paperwork.

If you want to appeal an eviction decision you will have 15 days to do that, but call Legal Aid for specific advice based on the facts of your case.

For further support, contact New Mexico Legal Aid at 505-633-6694